Women's MTB Coaching

Women's MTB Coaching

Are you a little nervous on the trails worried about the what if how can I? Our courses are designed to give you the core fundamental skills to keep you safe when out riding on the trails and most importantly have fun.

Women-only mountain bike group sessions are designed to help you achieve your goals in a stress-free environment – for you all to give each other that little bit of encouragement and that social aspect of riding together with some expert coaching from a fully qualified British cycling coach.

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Course outline

Bike Set-up

  • Pre-ride checks
  • Choosing the right tyre pressures
  • Setting up your forks and shock

Mind Skills

  • Relaxing on the bike and staying loose
  • Riding within yourself to stay in control
  • Positive thinking and visualisation
  • Projecting your mind down the trail
  • Dismissing distractions to maintain concentration and commitment
  • Developing confidence through fundamentals instead of luck

Body Position & Movement

  • Weighting & unweighting the bike

Speed Control

  • Assisted braking
  • Using speed to activate your suspension

Trail Obstacles

  • Using Front Wheel Lifts and hops to negotiate rocks, roots & logs


  • Technique for flat and off-camber corners
  • Finding grip on loose surfaces
  • Carrying more speed through corners

Trail Flow

  • Reading and breaking down the trail into sections
  • Pumping the trail for free speed and efficiency

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