One-to-one & Group MTB Coaching

Women's MTB Coaching

Our objective is to ensure that riders have an opportunity to develop and learn new skills whilst having fun along the way! We will build up your confidence gradually by working on the core fundamental skills needed to stay safe while out on the trails. With group coaching we keep our group size to a maximum of 6 riders so you can get the best out of the session with professional coaching and feedback.

If you want more tailored coaching then you can book our One to One sessions where you will have time to work with a personal coach, analyse your performance get over any issues you have as a rider and progress in your own time and get more out of your session.

You will be coached by British Cycling qualified coaches and guides who have a vast range of skills and knowledge to keep you safe.

BOOK a 1-to-1 or Group MTB Coaching Session

What the session will look like

You will be required to sign in at the Bike Park reception where you will be introduced to the coach. The session will be custom to you or your group and what you want to work on. Below are some of the sessions you can expect professional coaching in various techniques such as:

  • Pumping
  • Drop offs
  • Cornering
  • Jumping
  • Riding rock gardens
  • Descending techniques
  • Climbing efficiently
  • Confidence building

What do you need for the session?

A well-maintained Mountain bike with two fully functional brakes. This does not need to be a high-end bike however it will need to be a good quality mountain bike suitable for the terrain in the park and in good working order.

  • Helmet (For our jump course a full-face helmet is mandatory)
  • Gloves
  • Snack and Drink


  • One-to-one: £130.00
  • 2 people: £115.00 (each)
  • 3-4 people: £105.00 (each)
  • 5-6 people: £80.00 (each)

Coaching days available: Wednesday

Age: 13+

Maximum limit: 6 per group

Morning session: 9:30am–12:30pm

Afternoon session: 1pm–4pm

Duration: 3 hours

How to book a session

To enquire or book a session, please contact our coach using the form below.

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